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When To Resurface Your Tennis or Basketball Court In Chicago

Tennis and Basketball courts are a great addition to any home or community center but the addition of them does add some level of maintenance to keep them in tiptop shape due to the brutal Chicago winters.

People often ask us "How often should I resurface my tennis court"? The answer to that is entirely dependent on how well it was initially installed and how much playtime the court sees.

The easiest way to determine if your court needs some maintenance or over a complete resurface is if you begin to see the colored surface wear off, any stones from the pavement or asphalt peeking through the paint, or cracks forming. The latter requires the most immediate attention because cracks can introduce other problems and much more rapidly damage the playing surface.

Typically a resurface can easily last 5-7 years or more but again it really depends on the amount of play the sports court sees. When you start seeing signs of wear though, its time to have us out to estimate at least recoating the surfacing to prevent other problems in the future.


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