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When your asphalt driveway is not maintained as often as it should be often times minor cracks turn into more major damage like potholes. Potholes in the asphalt roadways is annoying enough to deal with but having them at home is any homeowners nightmare!

To help save you from expensive driveway replacements and extend the life of your driveway we offer professional asphalt patching and repair services. To properly repair your driveway we first clean the damaged area completely so we can get a good bond between the old asphalt and the new that we will be filling the hole with.

After the damaged asphalt is prepped we coat the inside of the hole with the same emulsion used in your original asphalt driveway. From there we fill the hole with an asphalt mixture and pound it into place then smooth out the top to give it a nice finish.

Asphalt Driveway Patching Company Chicag

Once your asphalt is repaired, we fill the remaining cracks in your driveway via our crack repair services so they do not turn into potholes as well and apply a nice even coating of our commercial-grade asphalt sealcoating product.

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Interested in checking out some of our recent work? Our Instagram feed below is a great way to see what we've been up to, learn about company news, see past sealcoating projects, asphalt repair projects, and more all right here in the Chicago area!

Whether you are a homeowner simply looking to have your driveway sealcoated or a business looking to repair and seal your parking lot we have all of your asphalt related services covered including: Asphalt Sealcoating, Asphalt Repair, Asphalt Crack Repair, Asphalt Pothole Repair, Parking Lot Signage, Parking Lot Striping, Safety Striping, Snow Removal, and just about anything else related to your asphalt in the Chicago area!

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