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If you have a tennis court or basketball court that is in need of repair or resurfacing in the Chicago area that is definitely something we can help with. Our professional sealcoating crews have a vast amount of experience in resurfacing and then recoating sports courts and play surfaces, painting new stripes and lines, and just overall bringing the court back to life once again. If your tennis court or basketball court looks like the ones below you need our help today! 

Contact us for a free estimate to see what it will take to bring your court back to life!

Basketball court repair company chicago

There is nothing better than getting out there and playing some basketball but unfortunately, when the court starts wearing out it can quickly become not just an eyesore but a safety hazard as well. We work on sports courts too!

That's right, we offer sport court repairs for basketball courts whether it needs surface repairs from cracks and potholes or it maybe it just needs re-coated to seal the court and prevent future damage. We can also take care of the stripes again!

tennis court repair company chicago - te

Ready to get out there and play some tennis but your court is in despair? We can help! Often times over the years tennis courts become worn and damaged from the brutal Chicago winters due to snow and ice.

With our sports court repairs, we can quickly and effectively repair any damage on your tennis court, apply a fresh topcoat, and restripe the entire court with high-end products that will last for years to come!

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